30+ Captivating Kitchens Design With Dining Tables For Your Beauty Home

Welcome to our gallery featuring an exciting range of beautifully designed kitchens with dining tables.

We’ve selected only the cream of the crop from our favorite homes and designers to bring you the very best kitchens that all have one element in common. With a dining table in the room, the utility and sociability of these rooms goes through the roof!

Now, we have a lot of galleries focusing on rooms with a specific common element. Often this element can make the list somewhat homogenous, demanding a particular style, color, or shape. With dining tables, however, we’re let loose on the wide world of kitchen design.

To incorporate a dining table, a kitchen merely has to be large enough to accommodate; that’s it. The design, style, materials, and colors can be virtually anything, and our gallery has the variety to prove it.

The above kitchen, for example, features red wood in a modern style over bright parquet flooring. The dining table itself is a more traditional affair, granting contrast to the space.

The number one rule when it comes to home design, whether building new or remodeling, is to craft a kitchen that fits within the home. If a given home is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or even industrial toned, you’ll want a standout kitchen that emphasizes the prevailing theme.

We have kitchens in each of these broad categories of style, with an array of idiosyncratic and personalized designs that showcase the breathtaking range of kitchens that can be built today. The gallery is meant, above all, to offer a wealth of inspiration and ideas for your own homes and kitchens.

There are certain standout design flourishes and layout elements to keep an eye out for, as you peruse the gallery. Look for innovative kitchen island designs, to start. These days, islands can be found in an abundance of shapes, featuring functional and aesthetic additions that make them central to the kitchen design.

Another element you’ll want to take note of, is the refreshing variety of cabinetry designs. From traditionally ornate carved-wood cupboard doors to utterly sleek, hardware-less cabinetry, there’s a completely different personality at play with each style.

Finally, take note of the different layouts themselves, and how the given kitchens incorporate a dining table. Some appear as a standard, discrete table, while others incorporate the design into the island or other countertops.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the possibilities present when designing kitchens with dining tables as much as we do!

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 1


In a wide, traditionally styled kitchen, there’s plenty of floor space for the large dark stained wood dining table, wrapped with ornate carved chairs. Along with the hardwood flooring, this adds dark contrast to the light cabinetry seen throughout.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 2


The ornate cabinetry and island design in this kitchen makes it truly stand out as a detail-rich environment. The dark wood dining table brings contrast and utility to this large room.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 3


In a more contemporary setting, this kitchen features lush natural wood cabinetry over stone tile flooring. The black stained dining table is flanked by high-back wicker upholstered chairs for bold contrast.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 4


Sparkling white cabinetry adorned with gold inlay sets the scene in this luxurious kitchen. Large format marble tile flooring creates a nuanced baseline, while the circular dining table mirrors the white with gold aesthetic.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 5


In a high contrast kitchen with white cabinetry and dark hardwood flooring, both the large dark tinted island and ornate dining table stand out. The table features a unique silver finish, while the island is topped in dark granite.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 6


The expansive, open-plan design of this kitchen is highlighted by sleek white cabinetry and modern lighting solutions. A large curved island features a glass upper-tier surface for dining, while the dining table itself stands with a glass surface and black upholstered chairs.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 7

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Deep luxury and rustic style meet in this vast kitchen, where beige and dark natural wood cabinetry meet over a red brick floor. Both a marble topped island and rustic wood dining table fill the floor space.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 8

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Here’s a truly grand and luxurious kitchen, filled with rustic and modern elements. Hardwood flooring, dark wood cabinetry, and granite countertops inform the textures, while a rustic wood dining table stands next to the massive island.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 9


This broad kitchen is stuffed with textural detail, from light hardwood cabinetry to the bold white countertops. A dining table in dark wood stands next to a window at right, filling out the expansive floor space.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 10


Here’s an ultra-modern sleek white kitchen with hardware-less cabinetry and a light stained hardwood floor. The vast open plan allows the perfect amount of space for a unique dining set, at left.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 11

Source: Zillow DigsTM

In a broad kitchen with modern design and an eye toward traditional luxury, the large circular dining table takes center stage. Rich hardwood flooring offers a warm contrast to the dark cabinetry and stately countertops.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 12


Here’s a sleekly modern kitchen with hardware-free cabinetry and a minimalist shelving system, mounted directly to the walls. A bright yellow dining table offers a splash of color and contrast.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 13

Designed by UnStudio.

In a curved modern home wrapped in full height glazing, this ultra-modern kitchen stands in glossy reflection of natural light. The light natural wood dining table offers a moment of natural counterpoint.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 14

Designed by Strang Architecture.

Here’s another boldly modern kitchen, filled with sleek cabinetry, glossy surfaces, and an impressive island at center. The island features a natural wood extension, becoming an in-kitchen dining table.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 15

Designed by DOS Architects.

Here’s another large kitchen centered on a massive island, with white walls and stainless steel cabinetry for a truly modern look. A dining table stands before full height glazing, basking in natural light.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 16

Designed by Bates Masi.

We love it when modern design is crafted from traditional materials. This kitchen features both an expansive island with in-kitchen dining space and a full size dining table, both basking in sunlight through full height windows.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 17

Designed by PartiDesign.

This kitchen packs a ton of functionality into a small space, with a two-tier island in white, matching the surrounding cabinetry, and a natural wood dining table at center.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 18

Designed by DLB Custom Home Design.

Bright natural wood and white cabinetry informs the look of this broad kitchen, with speckled granite countertops adding contrast. The circular dining table mirrors the countertop color for added detail.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 19

Designed by LotPlans.com

Rustic elements dominate the look of this expansive kitchen, with exposed wood beams and rich wood cabinetry contrasting against granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The dining table basks in sunlight through sliding glass doors.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 20

Designed by Chango & Co.

Pristine white countertops and tile backsplash match the white cabinetry in this modern kitchen. Dark stained hardwood flooring adds contrast, matching the circular dining table.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 21

Designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects.

In an expansive open plan space including a living room, this kitchen sports thick slab hardwood countertop on the island, with a matching-tone wood dining table at right.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 22

Designed by Krista Watterworth Interior Design.

Luxury meets minimalism in this modern white kitchen, with sleek countertops and large format tile flooring adding textural richness. The rustic wood dining table in the corner is lit by a pair of large windows.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 23

Designed by Roselind Wilson Design.

In a cozy space, this sleekly modern kitchen holds enough room for immense cupboards and a small dining table. The table, in light natural wood, is flanked by a pair of button tufted Parson chairs.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 24

Designed by Canny.

Here’s a truly innovative island configuration, extending in an L-shape to create a full dining table setup. A set of natural wood bar stools provide seating, offering warm contrast to the sleek white cabinetry.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 25

Designed by SAOTA.

With a tropical tinted, open design, this kitchen wraps smooth natural wood cabinetry around a broad room beneath a vaulted ceiling. The massive rustic wood dining table is seated by an assortment of unique stools.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 26

Designed by Roselind Wilson Design.

This ultra-modern kitchen uses light grey natural wood on all cabinetry and the island, over a white tile floor, offering an elegant and neutral look. The dark wood dining table is seated with a bench on one side, beneath a massive full height window.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 27

Designed by Base Architecture.

Expansive, large format tile flooring supports a light kitchen with a combination of natural wood and sleek white surfaces. Both a circular dining table and large white-topped island fill in the space.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 28

Designed by Metropole Architects.

In a massive open-plan space that’s opened to the elements via large sliding glass panels, the kitchen is defined by its large white-countertop island with built-in range. The dining table sits to the right in all glass, with canvas seat chairs surrounding.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 29

Designed by Red Rock Contractors.

In a large, luxuriously appointed rustic bathroom, we see exposed wood beams far above the natural hardwood flooring, with brick walls between. A large wood topped island is complemented by the bespoke dining table in the foreground.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 30

Designed by McClean Design.

Large format beige tile flooring underpines an expansive kitchen design, features a large island with raised natural wood extension at center. A full size dining table adds additional function to the massive kitchen.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 31

Designed by NC Office.

Adding a wealth of texture, the intricate tile backsplash of this kitchen stands between layers of white cabinetry. The island design features a raised work space and lower tier that acts as a full size dining table.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 32

Designed by Altius Architecture.

High-end modern kitchens often appear in sleek whites and blacks, but this open-plan design aims to wow with a solid red wall of glossy cupboards and matching red seating at the island. A massive natural hardwood dining table stands in the foreground.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 33

Designed by JM Architecture.

In a sleek, ultra-modern home wrapped in full height glazing, the kitchen is defined by a pair of lengthy white countertops, framing a triangular expanse of natural hardwood flooring. A white circular dining table rests at center.

Kitchen Design With Dining Table 34

Designed by Architectural Designs.

This brightly modern minimalist kitchen features dark wood cabinetry against white walls and flooring for ultimate contrast. The island extends into a massive dining table with white surface, below a set of pendant lights.

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