Acacia Wood Flooring: Reviews, Best Brands & Pros vs. Cons

Acacia Wood Flooring – Hello guys, welcom back to Acacia wood floor covering provides a stunning look at a reasonably low price. Nevertheless, affordability isn’t the only factor to fall in love with this unique floor covering.

Is it possible to have the most distinct, special wood flooring in the neighborhood– without paying a small fortune? The type of flooring that appears like it was custom-made just for your home?

With its signature rustic appeal and gorgeous color variation, it is rapidly becoming a leading choice among designers and house owners. Even industrial buildings are getting on board with acacia wood flooring.

Why is acacia wood flooring such a popular choice? Since it fits the expense when it concerns today’s flooring trends with an unique visual look that just acacia wood can provide.

Want to know more about acacia wood floor covering? Let’s take a look.

Acacia Wood Floor Covering Pros

1. Acacia wood is an exceptionally resilient floor covering.
Acacia wood is naturally hard. In fact, large leaf acacia has a Janka firmness score of 1700. And the small leaf variety has a hardness ranking of 2220.

This ranking is even higher than popular types like hard maple and oak, which are both known for their resilience.

This solidity implies it holds up well to wear and tear. It is less susceptible to scratches and dents and is a fantastic alternative for households with children and pets.

Depending upon how thick your Acacia wood floor covering is, it could last 50 to 100 years.

2. It is easy to preserve.
Acacia has a natural wax covering that protects it from things like warping and swelling. This covering likewise keeps water and undesirable bugs from damaging it.

Plus, things like dirt, family pet hair, dander and dust can not get trapped in like they perform in carpet.

So, it is extremely easy to maintain.

Just sweep up any dust that gathers on a regular basis. Or use a wet mop when you require it– no special cleaning products needed.

3. Acacia is naturally mold and mildew resistant.
If you are sensitive to mold and mildew, then this is a fantastic floor covering alternative for you.

Acacia is naturally resistant to mold. This applies to both strong and engineered acacia wood flooring.

So, if you are thinking about woods in your kitchen or other areas of the home that have some moisture, then Acacia wood is a great item to think about.

4. This kind of wood is distinctly stunning.
Acacia’s grain patterns are distinct with colors varying from golden tans, deep dark browns, lighter tones of brown, and even some off-white color.

The primary color of your floor covering will be the one you chose, however you can expect to see shades of all these other colors perfectly mixed in.

This flooring adds distinctive design and appeal to your floors. It might even make other types of wood floors look boring by comparison.

5. It is an environment-friendly flooring option.
Acacia grows quickly. So, it is an extremely sustainable wood to use as floor covering.

Plus, acacia harvesting is well-managed in most areas.

And given that producing the wood planks requires extremely little emissions, it is thought about a green option. It is likewise recyclable and recyclable.

6. Acacia flooring offers lots a variety of choices.
If you believe you’ve limited the choices by selecting Acacia, you still have work to do. Because there are great deals of alternatives in acacia wood floor covering.

You can select strong or engineered acacia woods. Or, you can select the laminate version.

There are likewise various options of plank widths, colors, and surfaces.

7. Improves any space design.
Acacia is ending up being increasingly popular with interior designers because of the distinct element that it contributes to any space. In some styles, acacia wood floors are even the centerpiece of the room.

Its unique appearance naturally attracts attention. And it opts for many styles.

Hand-scraped acacia helps develop a shabby-chic or rustic appearance, while smoother wide slabs are well-suited for sophisticated rooms.

Acacia Wood Flooring Cons

1. Acacia is more pricey than some of the other wood options.
Acacia has many great functions. But it isn’t low-cost.

It is cheaper than other unique woods, but it usually costs more than native species and other flooring alternatives.

You do get a good value for your cash, but you ought to be prepared to spend a little bit more for acacia.

However, acacia also can be found in a laminate choice. So, if you want the look but have a tight budget, this is also a choice.

2. You are very restricted on the size of slabs.
Regardless of having a variety of alternatives of width, color, and surface, you are restricted on the length of acacia wood planks.

Typically, the longest planks are four feet long.

This is because acacia trees are short. And the wood grated from the trees is normally less than 2 feet.

3. It can have many problems and variations.
It prevails with acacia to find knots and defects in the types of wood.

Since it is a short, stubby tree, the trunk and branches can get twisted. And because a minimal part of the trees is readily available for collecting, wood with knots and other imperfections is simply a part of the package.

The same applies for color variations– which some individuals like and others do not.

4. Acacia is prone to buckling and other issues.
Acacia is really steady. Nevertheless, under certain conditions it can buckle.

If it is not properly dried or adapted, it could dry in your home, triggering it to shrink, different, and buckle.

This can be prevented by adapting your acacia and keeping appropriate levels of humidity in the home.

How to Find a High Quality Acacia Wood Floor

It is easy to find acacia wood flooring. In fact, a lot of major home enhancement and flooring shops carry it.

Acacia is native to Australia and South East Asia, nevertheless, it grows in lots of other nations too. In fact, there are industrial plantations in over 70 various nations that grow this beautiful wood specifically for gathering.

For sustainability functions, it is best to acquire acacia floor covering that comes from an FSC certified plantation.

Discovering high-quality acacia does not suggest you need to find the most pricey acacia flooring. You can discover top quality flooring at an affordable rate.

However, it is best to opt for a credible company or brand. When you discover a design or brand name that you like, ensure to ask about the drying procedure.

To prevent acclimation concerns, it is best to discover one that has actually been dried to 6 to 8 percent humidity. This frequently requires that the slabs travel through a kiln two times.

Acacia Wood Floor Covering Expense

While acacia wood floor covering is more expensive than some other flooring options, it is still less costly than many of its exotic wood counterparts.

Here are some basic guidelines on what to expect when purchasing acacia wood floor covering:

Acacia strong hardwood flooring costs between of $3 to $8 per square foot to buy.
Engineered acacia wood floor covering varies from $2.60 to $8 per square foot.
Acacia laminate wood floor covering runs from approximately $0.80 to $3.50 a square foot.
Because acacia is fairly simple to set up, you can decide to do the setup yourself to conserve money. If you choose to have it professionally set up, here’s what you can anticipate to pay:

Strong and crafted acacia wood flooring will cost in between $3 and $8 for installation.
Laminate acacia floor covering will range from $1.50 to $3 for setup.
Keep in mind, nevertheless, that these are estimates. Elements such as where you are located, the brand/style you pick, and challenging setup locations such as a staircase can also affect the rate.

Acacia Wood Durability

Since it is a hard, unique wood, acacia is very durable. However, this does not indicate that it is unsusceptible to damage.

If you drop something heavy on your acacia floorings, it is possible that it will leave a mark. So, practice caution as you would with any other kind of floor covering.

Acacia wood floorings hold up very well in high traffic areas. But, gradually they will lose a few of their luster.

You can restore their sheen by just refinishing them. And you must do this about every 10 years anyhow.

These floors will also hold up extremely well with pets, however if you have a large pet who hangs around inside your home, try to keep its nails trims.

Acacia Wood Floor Covering Reviews

Home Depot
Here you can discover a great choice of acacia wood flooring options. The top brand names that Home Depot carries that sell Acacia include Pergo, TrafficMaster, AND Home Legend.

You can discover strong, engineered, and laminate ranges of acacia in your home Depot in different styles consisting of hand scraped varieties.

The plank sizes range in width from four to 6 inches. Some boxes of planks can be found in differing lengths for a really unique look.

Reviews of their choices have actually been positive. Customers love the gorgeous look of the selections and the ease of setup (for those who pick to do it by themselves).

House Depot has been around because 1979 supplying house owners with the resources and materials they require for Do It Yourself jobs. The business is dedicated to hiring educated sales individuals with know-how in the departments that they work in to better serve the Business’s customers.

Lumber Liquidators
Lumber Liquidators has lots of choices to select from for acacia wood floor covering. Its top brand names are Virginia Mill Works, Builders Pride, and Bellawood.

Like its competitors, Lumber Liquidators uses strong, engineered, and laminate acacia flooring alternatives.

Customers who bought their acacia wood floors from Lumber Liquidators have been usually happy. They rank the appearance and the durability of their floor covering high.

However, some people discovered this flooring hard to install by themselves. Lumber Liquidators does provide installation services.

The Company has actually remained in the flooring organisation for over twenty years. Over the last few years, Lumber Liquidators has worked closely with the Customer Item Safety Commission (CPSC) to guarantee its products are safe.

The biggest selections of acacia flooring that Lowes offers are the brand name FLEXCO and USFloors. The Business likewise brings a few selections by Pergo and Congoleum.

You can discover a variety of choices including strong and engineered wood slabs plus laminate choices. They come in both smooth and hand scraped varieties.

The reviews of acacia wood floor covering selections from Lowes have been favorable. Consumers value the quality and search for the cash and consider them a total good value.

Lowe’s very first opened in North Carolina in the 1940s. Ever since it has actually grown to become the second largest home improvement merchant in the world.

Floor & Design
Floor & Decoration’s selection of acacia wood flooring is big and varied. The Company offers primarily solid and engineered acacia, but it does have a couple of laminate selections too.

The colors and designs differ with the majority of alternatives in the medium color range. You can likewise choose from smooth or handscraped designs.

Floor & Decoration was established in 2000 and is understood for its exceptional customer care. It has actually rapidly grown to become a leader in flooring.

Menard’s Floors of Difference ® and Cross Island Trading are two primary brands of acacia flooring that Menards carries. The Business uses both solid and engineered acacia flooring alternatives.

They likewise bring laminate varieties of acacia from Mohawk.

Menard’s evaluations of its products and installation have actually been blended. Some consumers cite quality problems.

The Business is a leading retail home center, especially in the Midwest. It has been around considering that the 1950s.

Quality Floor Covering 4 Less
Quality Flooring 4 Less carries a big acacia wood flooring selection from leading brands including Mohawk, Armstrong, Shaw, and Bruce.

This up and coming flooring store has actually had mostly favorable reviews and got the Best of 2016 award from Houzz.

With Quality Floor Covering 4 Less, there is no shop, so your only option with this shop is to order your acacia online.

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