High Gloss Laminate: Pros & Cons

High Gloss Laminate – Hello guys, welcom back to snapixel.com. Would you like to remove the carpet in the living-room? Do you believe the living room needs a makeover? Do you have allergy sufferers in your house who would gain from tough floor covering? Then you may want to think about either wood, or high-gloss laminate in your floor restoration task.

Years earlier, this was an easy choice. Laminate typically had a very fake look, and would typically not age well, establishing waves or peaks. Times, nevertheless, have actually changed. Now, new technologies are producing much better laminate flooring than ever, making the choice in between high-gloss laminate and hardwood a much harder call.

High Gloss Laminate Pros

1. Range of Choice
Laminate floor covering can simulate the look of various wood species. This indicates that you will likely have a much larger selection of color and grain choices if you choose laminate than you would if you selected wood flooring.

2. Budget-friendly
One excellent benefit to high-gloss laminate is the rate. While this kind of flooring looks extremely comparable to genuine hardwood, the best quality high-gloss laminate will nearly constantly be much cheaper than a similar product in wood.

3. Easy Installation
Particularly important for do-it-yourselfers, high-gloss laminate is easy to install. Lots of brads feature a tongue and groove system that snaps together like a puzzle, and no additional adhesive or unique tools are normally required. This set of functions contributes to the expense savings of the laminate, as, if you select to put it in yourself, you will conserve that setup cost.

Now, homeowners frequently choose in between these 2 options for health factors or when they are merely looking for to update the look of a space.

High gloss laminate floor covering uses quite a few benefits over hardwood or other options such as tile. Lovely to look and friendly to the budget, high-gloss laminate is a terrific option for lots of property owners, specifically those who like to solve down and do the home enhancement work themselves.

We’ve taken all of this into account and assembled an introduction of the topics that you will wish to consider as you make your flooring choices. Continue reading for an introduction of the benefits and drawbacks of high-gloss laminate flooring.

4. Low upkeep
You will spend much less time keeping up laminate floor covering than you will hardwoods. Laminate can be cleaned with regular home tools like vacuums, brooms and mops, and does not stain quickly. Laminate also does not need to be waxed.

5. Resilience
Because of some of the advantages listed above, laminate is both more resilient and more versatile than hardwood. Laminate does not scratch as quickly as wood, which makes it a fantastic option for family pet owners who fear gouges from claws. Laminate can also be a fantastic option for families with young children who can be hard on floorings.

6. Adaptability
Laminate can be set up in some places that hardwood merely can’t (or should not) go. If the location is most likely to flood, has high moisture or if the area will receive a great deal of direct sunshine, wood is most likely not your best option. Laminate likewise can be installed over radiant heating, which is never a choice for wood.

High Gloss Laminate Cons

1. Reveals Wear and Tear Easily
The glossy surface of high gloss laminate shows scuffs and scratches more easily than do other alternatives. It’s the shininess of the floor covering that triggers this, as light shows more quickly off the flooring- and any damage. For this reason, it may not be the very best choice for areas with heavy foot traffic.

2. It’s Slippery!
Especially when it gets wet, high-gloss laminate can become a hazard for those not consistent on their feet. If senior relative or really little kids will be walking frequently on the flooring, you may wish to think about other choices, consisting of checking out the designs of laminate that are matte or have an embossed style or wood grain.

3. Laminate Can’t be Sanded and Restained

Once you’ve selected the color and surface for your laminate, that’s it. This is the look you will have. Unlike woods, that can be sanded and refinished when you change your mind, laminate will need to be completely changed if you desire a makeover.

4. It Isn’t the Real Thing
In the end, both you and prospective house buyers will know that the flooring isn’t real hardwood. This can affect your capability to offer and the last purchase rate. Real estate agents are consentaneous in their examination that hardwood floors add value to your home in a manner in which laminate does not.

5. Static Buildup
Laminate is not extremely conductive. Particularly in drier environments, laminate flooring can develop fixed, causing uncomfortable pokes. If your house remains in a location with very dry air, or if dust and dirt tend to build up in your home, this is something to think about. Static can also be a problem in spaces with computers or other delicate equipment.

The Bottom Line

Laminate is a fantastic, affordable option for diy house owners on a budget. The flooring uses great flexibility of color, finish and usage, while providing the visual result of a real hardwood flooring. Laminate also permits installation in moist, or warm places where wood is a bad concept.

On the other hand, if what you are searching for is a luxe, traditional look that will both provide you the capability to change your mind about color in time, and increase the worth of your house, then hardwood is a better bet. There’s just no navigating the truth that laminate floor covering does not increase your house’s value in the same way that hardwood will.

In the end, we encourage you to believe thoroughly about your goals for the space you will be dealing with before deciding what to pick. Think about your greatest concerns: is it cost? Ability to install yourself? Appearance? Value-added potential? Once you’ve set these top priorities securely in mind, you’ll have the tools essential to make the very best option for you.

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