20+ Cool Ways How To Decorate An Awkward Corner

We tend to ignore the corners in our homes. They are weird in-between places that don’t have an automatic solution, and wind up in awkward decorating limbo, both overlooked and undervalued. What are you supposed to do with them anyway? Read on to learn how to turn these small, unused spots into beautiful, functional spaces. We’ve got twelve great ideas, mostly from our house tours.

1. Insert a Curved or Sectional Sofa

(Image credit: Theresa Gonzalez)

Match up one angle with each other, and your walls will spoon your furniture. How nice is that?

2. Balance a Tall Ladder

(Image credit: Katie Gard)

Beth used that weird space right inside her bungalow’s front door for a tall ladder, which doubles as blanket storage.

3. Place Some Plants

(Image credit: Year Round Co. )

In addition to all their other beneficial qualities, plants are also beautifully sculptural. Offset the hard angles of a corner with organic branches and leaves.

4. Find a Round Table or Console

(Image credit: Carolyn Purnell)

A round table can seat more bodies than a rectangular one. They also fit nicely into compact corners.

5. Take Advantage

(Image credit: Celeste & David’s Modern Pin-up Pad)

A large surfboard becomes a decorative element when placed out of the way in a corner. It also frees up space somewhere else in the house, garage, or basement.

6. Angle the Television

(Image credit: Abby Cook)

TVs are awkward anyway. You may as well kill two birds with one stone and combine the two. Placing one in the corner gets it out of the way, and fills an otherwise empty space.

7. Create a Reading Spot

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Nothing is more cozy than wedging yourself into a small space that mentally hugs you as you curl up in a comfy chair and read.

8. Make it Special

(Image credit: Ella’s Playful Paradise)

Focal points are not always over the sofa or fireplace. Turn an unassuming corner into something unique, with the help of dramatic decor, such as this hanging rattan chair.

9. Find a Corner Cabinet or Table

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

There’s a reason these things exist. Somebody at some point in time got smart and built a piece of furniture that nestles perfectly into corners, taking up the least amount of space possible.

10. Wrap a Window

(Image credit: Allison Burke’s Modern Mix)

If you are lucky, you are renovating and can try one of these corner windows. The glass spans two walls and completely opens up the view.

11. Customize a Cabinet

(Image credit: Shannon’s Soothing Mix of Styles)

If you can’t find the perfect item, build it yourself. Shannon created some innovative bathroom corner cabinetry that maximizes space in her bathroom.

12. Add Some Shelves

(Image credit: Taylor & John’s Peaceful Echo Park Perch)

Corner shelves are a quick and easy project to either buy or DIY one weekend.

13. Make a Coffee Station


Have a spare corner and a caffeine addiction? This cute little coffee station from Only Deco Love adds style and functionality to a small shelf.

14. Hang a Chair


Make your childhood dreams come true and install a hanging chair, like in this lovely retro Swedish home featured on Passion Shake.

15. Build a Command Station


Use your extra space to get organized by building a central spot that fulfills all of your family’s needs. Hi Sugarplum! added a phone charger, memo board, and plenty of useful (and pretty) storage.

16. Create a Gallery Wall


You don’t need a large wall for your dream gallery — a corner works nicely. A Beautiful Mess used this blank space to create an eye-catching, monochromatic display.

17. Add a Small Plant


Large ferns aren’t the only plants worth buying: Small plants have their own quirky charm.

18. Gather Your Leftover Art


In this airy home, leftover art piled upon itself takes a wall from empty to occupied. Here’s proof busy doesn’t always mean cluttered.

19. Store Extra Clothing


Hanging your clothes in the open can be chic — although it’s true that this trick works best in a large, airy, open space. We love the look of this iron clothes rack.

20. Create a Vignette


To create your own themed display, decide on a base (in this case, an old sewing table) and change it occasionally to reflect the season — like this fall-themed corner from Cherished Bliss.

21. Squeeze in a Reading Nook


Here’s a time-honored solution: Turn an empty corner into a small sitting area. A cozy chair and lighting are all you need.

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