20 Impressive Before and After Photos of Living Room Remodels

The living room is a place where we entertain guests and where we bond with the family. For some, it is also a space where they can watch movies together or even play boards. The living area is one of the most used spaces in a house. That is why, it deserve a makeover once you feel like the area seems dull already.

You’d be amazed with these living room makeovers. You will be able to see the difference of the area before and after the makeover since the pictures are featured. With this, you could appreciate the redesign even more. Ready to see the transformations? Start scrolling down and tell us which is your favorite makeover at the end of this article.

Nob Hill Penthouse

source:Maven Interiors

You will not recognize the fireplace since it was redesigned too with a bold black slate surround flanked by a built-in seat with an upholstered back.

Holley Residence

source:Yamamar Design

The once gloomy living room was whitewashed with around three or four thin layers and turned out really lovely. The colors add more life to the living area.

Living Room

source:Studio Santalla, Inc.

A massive appliqué stone fireplace was once the highlight of the living room but it was changed to a new, simple fireplace. Neutral white leather sectional and beautiful lighting was added to it too.

Betsy Burnham

source:Betsy Burnham

Traditional lines of the fireplace are balanced with the addition of geometric fire screen and thick-framed mirror for a contemporary look. The living room was transformed to get a “restrained luxe.”

Weston Renovation

source:Nicole White Designs Inc.

The owners wanted to place this vibrant peacock painting on the wall. With that, the interior designer took the color from the peacock and used it for the accents and even for the sofa. The walls were painted with Super White by Sherwin-Williams for a crisp backdrop.

Living Room Reveal

source:Meg and Martinmen


The owners didn’t like the color of the living area and the formal crowning. So, the changed the look and the color of the walls them added lovely furnishings.

Palo Alto remodel

source:Kathleen Bost Architecture + Design

Originally, the space was divided into small rooms that felt dark so the walls that blocked views of the backyard were removed as seen in the after photo. More light can now winter the space and it was furnished creatively.

Tanglewood Residence

source:Laura U, Inc.

The living room before looked quite nice but it was uninviting. So, in the remodel, the large-scale room was broken into two seating areas. The light-colored window treatments complement the arched doors adding a drama to the space.

Portland Art Deco Funk

source:Kimberley Bryan

The 1938 living room featured the original fireplace that has a dated, oversize mirror. Aside from the painting of the walls, the fireplace was cleaned while the plaster surround was painted with snowy white.

My New Living Room

source:Design Love Fest

Obviously, the owner is super happy of the makeover! Just look at the difference of the previous space and the new one with different patterns and lovely pops of colors.

Alamo Residence II

source:Kriste Michelini Interiors

The family has two active and athletic adults and two young children. Obviously, the living area did not reflect the lively and outgoing personality of the people who live here. They actually wanted a modern, warm, relaxed and calming living room. So, the place was repainted and totally reformed!

Basement Remodel

source:Dwelling Designs

The basement was merely a dumping ground and the owners want it to be a place where the family can get together. They wanted to have a large sectional sofa that will fit everyone and allow them the option to choose TV or the fireplace without moving. Obviously, their request was granted and the place turned into a very cozy area with a mini bar.

Las Canoas Remodel

source:Allen Construction

You can see that the ceiling was painted white and the flooring was changed into wood. But you will not recognize the fireplace anymore as it was transformed into a modern fireplace. The living area looks very lovely especially with white glass windows that allow entry of natural light.

DWR Living Room Remodel

source:Rikki Snyder

If you’ll see the rest of the living room, you will love it even more. The sink in the corner was replaced by with a sleek Line Bar. The living room was lightened with paint on the walls and ceiling. It now has a clean-lined look adding comfortable seating area and other furniture. The combination of gray and lime is lovely!

Pine Library

source:Cory Connor Designs

To maximize the window, shelves were added to both sides and a seating was placed between them. The walls were painted blue and added some accents of orange on other decors and furniture. No doubt, the designer was able to add character to the room.

Meg Ryan





Living Room

Before :The Bare Essentials


All the essentials one needs in the modern living room are here; it’s just that they’re not very much to look at, and thus this space is totally uninviting.

Living Room

After :The Bold Colors 


BEFORE: From Another Era


It might be hard to imagine, but there was once an era where a living room like this would have been desirable.

AFTER: Into the New Era


Thankfully, those days are behind us now. Replacing the drab carpet, we have beautiful hardwood floors. The dark paint colors have been transferred to bright colors… But that fireplace has stayed just the way it was… And that’s perfect!

Living Room


Yellow Brick Home

This living room had good bones, but it wasn’t living up to its potential. With mismatched furniture and no real style, it left something to be desired. But just wait until you see the space after the makeover!


Yellow Brick Home

The new living room has a vibrant, cohesive look, with a distinct color scheme and lots of pattern and texture. Make your way over to Yellow Brick Home to see the entire makeover process and to check out some sources for the space.

Living Room

Before: Modest Dining Room


The beige walls and dining chairs give the dining room a one-dimensional look. The standard chandelier goes unnoticed, and the glass table with a wood-finish base is more than a decade old.

After: Modern Funk Dining

Emily brings in pops of yellow and teal to accentuate the homeowners’ modern funk style. The modern, eclectic chandelier is a conversation piece, enhancing the room’s design. The gray wall brings a touch of sophistication, and the glass table base is painted white for an easy update. The wicker and metal chairs, coupled with gray leather captain chairs, provide interest and make the space look more collected. A mixture of paintings, tribal pieces and prints hung together create a colorful art wall.

Feeling inspired? We are sure you are motivated to redecorate your living rooms because of what you saw above. With one’s creativity, nothing is impossible. You can even revamp your own furniture too and work on your own decorations. But if you are not confident to that by yourself, go get an interior decorator or better if you contact an interior designer. For sure, you will not recognize your place once it is already remodeled! You can also see a list of dining room before-after photos and check out how much has changed in the space.

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