Nuvelle WPC Flooring Review

Nuvelle WPC Flooring Review – Hello guys, welcom back to You’re shopping online or at your regional floor covering store, and Nuvelle WPC flooring catches your eye. Maybe it was the attractive wood style, or possibly the price just appeared right. Perhaps you’ve shopped around for hardwood floor covering before, and now you’re ready to take the next step and make the purchase.

However wait– what’s that? Nuvelle WPC flooring isn’t actual wood? Don’t be surprised if you’re tricked. WPC vinyl floor covering– floor covering similar to Nuvelle WPC– is relatively new to the flooring market.

Nuvelle WPC flooring is made from a wood-plastic composite. This engineered floor covering mimics the appearance of hardwoods however is actually very various. In fact, some property owners that utilize WPC flooring swear that it’s better than the real thing.

But how does Nuvelle compare to not simply hardwood floor covering however to other WPC flooring brands? Prior to you drop money on your new flooring, feel confident in your purchase by doing your research. Fortunately, you don’t need to search the web because we’re here to give you the genuine offer about Nuvelle WPC flooring.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits and the downsides of Nuvelle WPC flooring. Is it resilient adequate to hold up under daily use, or will you be paying out more cash in the future to change your floorings? Is it priced competitively, and will you need to add more expenditures by employing a professional to install your floorings?

We’ll answer these concerns and dive deep into the world of WPC floor covering. Keep reading to read more about Nuvelle WPC flooring to see if it’s the ideal choice for your family.

Is Nuvelle WPC Flooring Expensive?

If you’re like many property owners, you have a set budget for your home enhancement projects. If you’re looking to conserve cash on your new flooring, is Nuvelle WPC an excellent option?

First, let’s have a look at the typical cost of flooring. If you set up hardwood flooring in your home, anticipate to pay around $8 to $14 per square foot just for materials. Standard high-end vinyl floor covering that simulates the appearance of hardwoods costs anywhere from $2 to $5 or more per square foot.

Nuvelle vinyl floor covering is priced very competitively. Though aspects such as where you buy the floor covering and the design you pick can affect cost, you should expect to pay around $3 to $4 per square foot. This is on-par with other brands of vinyl flooring and far more economical than other hard flooring types such as hardwoods and bamboo.

Is Nuvelle WPC Flooring Durable?

Nuvelle WPC flooring is extremely low-cost, which might throw up a red flag for some consumers. Is such an affordable product truly durable adequate to stand up to family pets, children, and day-to-day traffic in the typical household?

Remarkably, Nuvelle WPC flooring is very long lasting. The modern-day technology used to produce WPC flooring leads to a budget-friendly hardwood alternative that is 100 percent water resistant. You don’t have to stress over your planks swelling, buckling, or staining if a spill happens.

Nevertheless, Nuvelle WPC vinyl floor covering is still vulnerable to some damage. Like other difficult floor covering types, scratches may take place. Because vinyl is one of the materials utilized, denting might likewise be an issue, particularly beneath heavy furnishings and home appliances.

The maker does offer a restricted service warranty on all of its floor covering products. This includes a 50-year domestic service warranty and a 10-year light business service warranty. While this warranty doesn’t protect against damage that takes place through regular usage, it does secure versus problems and premature wear-through of the floor covering’s wear layer.

One drawback that Nuvelle WPC flooring has is that it can’t be refinished. Hardwood floor covering can quickly last a century or longer with proper care and periodic refinishing. Since this flooring isn’t solid wood, it can’t be refinished and should be changed when it is harmed or reveals heavy wear.

However, with correct care and upkeep, you won’t need to fret about replacing your brand-new Nuvelle WPC flooring anytime soon. Usually, you must expect to get at least 15 years of use out of your floor covering. In lots of homes, this flooring can quickly endure use for 30 years or longer.

How Do I Clean & Maintain Nuvelle WPC Flooring?

An effectively maintained Nuvelle WPC flooring can quickly last for several years, but what actions do you need to require to get the most out of your floor covering? Thankfully, there’s not too much to do in regards to care and upkeep of Nuvelle floor covering.

Since this flooring can be scratched in time, you can take a couple of easy safety measures to minimize damage as much as possible. Utilizing mats at entry doors, removing shoes before strolling on the floors, and putting leg protectors on your furniture can assist minimize scratches.

To prevent denting from taking place, utilize furniture coasters beneath heavy furnishings and appliances. You may also decide to reorganize your furniture on a regular basis to prevent dents underneath.

Although this floor covering is waterproof, it’s constantly a good idea to clean up spills as soon as possible. When you’re cleaning your WPC floors, never oversaturate the floors, although you can definitely utilize a moist tile mop.

A broom or hardwood vacuum without a beater bar are the very best approaches for cleaning dirt and particles. When you require a deeper clean, utilize a moist mop with a cleaner created for no-wax vinyl floorings. Avoid using bleach, extreme chemicals, or abrasives on your Nuvelle flooring.

Where Can I Install Nuvelle WPC Flooring?

The terrific aspect of Nuvelle WPC flooring is that you can install it throughout your house. This floor covering looks fantastic in primary spaces, such as your living room, den, or dining-room. It’s likewise a good, low-maintenance option for bed rooms.

Since it is waterproof, you can also install it in damp areas. This indicates that you can put Nuvelle floor covering in utility room, basements, kitchen areas, and even restrooms. The exact same isn’t real of flooring like solid wood and bamboo.

You need to just set up Nuvelle inside your home in climate-controlled areas. Likewise, only install it on smooth, dry surfaces. As soon as you’ve taken these safety measures, you can install your flooring and it will be immediately ready for use right after setup is total.

Is This Flooring Easy To Install Yourself?

Paying a specialist to install your floor covering can include countless dollars to your budget. If you like to save cash and tackle your own home enhancement projects, you may consider taking on the installation of Nuvelle floor covering yourself.

The average person can quickly set up Nuvelle flooring, even if you have no prior experience setting up flooring. The flooring uses the Uniclic system, which is simple to install and doesn’t need using nails or adhesives.

Nuvelle offers flooring setup guides online which assist make the process simpler. You will not require any unique tools to install your floor covering, although you will need basic tools such as an utility knife to cut slabs and a tape measure.

The main point that you will require when installing your brand-new floorings is a lot of time. Although this is a much smaller job than installing wood-look tile or hardwood, expect to dedicate a number of hours to installation depending upon the size of your task.

Last Verdict

Nuvelle WPC vinyl floor covering is an inexpensive alternative to hardwoods. It’s an excellent option for hard floor covering in any room of your house, even in restrooms where you can’t set up wood.

Nuvelle WPC flooring is likewise easy to clean and keep. You can also install it yourself with a couple of fundamental tools and by following the guidelines supplied by the maker.

While Nuvelle flooring is very long lasting, it can still be harmed and show wear and tear with time. However, with a couple of simple precautions, you can easily enjoy your new floors for several years to come.

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