20 Best Red Kitchen Paint Ideas For The Latest House Colors

Red represents love, life, power and passion in many cultures. A stimulating color that can raise one’s blood pressure and increase one’s appetite, red is a great choice for an accent color in the kitchen. For those who want to go big and bold, it can be used in larger amounts to call attention to cabinetry, walls or appliances. As this is an attention-getting hue, it’s important to think strategically about how you use it and how it will work with other colors and materials in your kitchen.

Red Paint Picks

Finding the right kind of red can be tough. Some are warmer, with more orange; others are cooler, with more blue. And how blue or orange they look is affected by adjacent colors. When considering red paint, it’s a good idea to get samples of several versions you like and try them out in your space before making a commitment. Also, keep in mind that it can take several coats of red to get full coverage. If you will be using a primer, ask your paint retailer to tint the primer in preparation for red.

Now on to inspiration for using this lively hue in your kitchen.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 1

Photo by Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths – Browse kitchen photos

What a colorful and fun kitchen this is! It’s modern yet warm and inviting. By grounding the red with warm wood tones and contrasting it with a soothing green hue, the designer made this kitchen peppy without its becoming too much.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 2

Photo by Shannon Malone – More kitchen photos

This space is magical to me. It speaks to my love of color and of clean, open spaces with abundant natural light. The bank of painted wood windows is utterly charming, as is the farmhouse sink and graceful gooseneck faucet. It’s a kitchen that must be an absolute pleasure to cook and entertain in.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 3

Photo by Teton Heritage Builders – Browse kitchen photos
Consider your ceiling, otherwise known as the forgotten fifth wall, when decorating your kitchen. This neutral kitchen gets a wonderful punch of color via the hot red painted tile ceiling.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 4

Photo by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build – Discover kitchen design inspiration

Don’t neglect your floor either. Red is an attention-getting color, so use it on the floor only if you have an interesting material you want to call attention to, such as this scored concrete.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 5

Photo by ZeroEnergy Design – More kitchen photos

I’m a fan of bold accent walls, as they are an easy, affordable and low-commitment way to add excitement and drama to a room. This bright orange-red wall accentuates the interesting architecture of the space and pulls you right into the kitchen.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 6

Photo by Axis Mundi – Discover kitchen design ideas

Not quite ready for a large wall of bright red? Try a smaller hit of color. This true red wall works well with the warm wood and orange hues.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 7

Photo by Klopf Architecture – Discover kitchen design ideas

I usually advise design clients to stick with neutral colors for items that are difficult and expensive to change out, but I also believe in selecting materials you absolutely love. So, while your real estate agent or well-meaning friends and family might tell you to step away from the red tile backsplash, I say if you love it and plan to stay in your house for a while, go for it. But let it be the star of your kitchen by selecting supporting neutral colors and materials that don’t compete with it, as this kitchen perfectly illustrates.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 8

Photo by Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA – More kitchen ideas

Appliances offer another way to pull red into your kitchen. Our eyes are drawn to red, so make sure you have appliances worthy of the attention, such as the range and work-of-art vent hood in this modern rustic beauty of a kitchen. The distressed red walls also pull the gaze in and up to the interesting architectural details of this amazing space.

Red Kitchen Paint Ideas 9

Photo by TruLinea Architects Inc. – More kitchen photos

This gorgeous modern rustic kitchen has a red-clad island as the anchor. The red appears to have quite a bit of orange in it, which serves as a nice warm contrast to the cooler colors in the space.

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