24 Incredible Stone Fireplace Ideas For The Real Beauty Home

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of featured living rooms that have stone fireplaces as the focal point of the room.

Some of the living rooms in this collection are very casual, as seen above with the stone used as an accent to the wooden fireplace enclosure.

However, most of these rooms employ much larger stones in the construction of the fireplace and are styled in a much more rustic fashion.

These featured fireplaces may be enclosed in an all-stone accent wall, or they may be free-standing and dual-sided between two sides of a larger living room. Many have solid wood mantles, while others have small or non-existent hearths.

You’ll see both open fireplaces and glass-enclosed fireplaces, and you’ll also see screened fireplaces. While stone fireplaces are often associated with rustic interior designs, they work just as well in contemporary or even modern styles as well.

In a modern room, a stone fireplace adds contrast to a room that is filled with otherwise synthetic materials.

In a traditional home, a stone fireplace instead adds a masculine touch to ornate furniture and soft floral fabrics.

Regardless of the style of fireplace you prefer, a stone facade or hearth may be the perfect way to dress up your fireplace and living room.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 1

Angelica Henry Design

This beautiful contemporary living room has an entire stone wall with a gas-burning fireplace tucked in a crevice below the television. The walls are inset on either side of the fireplace, with wooden display shelves.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 2


A cavernous traditional living room with a free-standing all-stone fireplace. This chalet overlooks the mountains and the shaded doors lead out onto a large terrace.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 3

Source: ZillowDigsTM

Another contemporary formal living room with deep, rich brown leather sofas paired with two striped armchairs and fluffy accent pillows in white. The fireplace has an ornate iron screen with ivy pieces wrapping around the sides. The wooden mantle is painted black.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 4

Source: ZillowDigsTM

A window-wrapped great room with an enormous stone fireplace at the very center. Even the huge mantle is solid stone, making this fireplace unbelievably heavy. The fireplace is the perfect complement to the snowy mountainside view.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 5

Source: ZillowDigsTM

A rustic yet elegant living room in wood and stone. The wood-burning fireplace is screened to avoid any cinders escaping and causing a fire hazard.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 6

Designed by Locati Architects

An enormous log-cabin style chateau in the mountains with a massive screened wood-burning fireplace in stone. The mantle is carved natural wood in the same color as all of the beams.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 7


A much more modern living room with a multi-tone stone fireplace. The glass-enclosed fireplace rests low to the raised hearth. The main seating area is in white, and sits in a shallow pit in the floor, allowing the fireplace to seem much taller.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 8


With built-ins on either side, this stone fireplace is the focal point of this traditional living room. The larger stones are eye-catching, and contrast with the soft woodgrain of the built-ins beside it.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 9


This southwestern style living room has a corner fireplace with an enclosed hearth and a rustic wooden mantle. The stone facade is small stone tiles.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 10


A modernized log cabin with an enormous stone fireplace. The wooden mantle is wider than the fireplace itself. An archways leads into the home’s foyer and to an all-wood staircase. A seemingly mismatched rectangular and circular table act as end tables.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 11


A unique wood-burning fireplace on a stone accent wall. this fireplace has no mantle, but has three small stone shelves jutting out from the wall. A small stone hearth rests below the wrought-iron screen flat against the fireplace opening.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 12


A traditional living room in light wood overlooked by the upstairs hallway. Built-ins on either side of the stone fireplace match the oak mantlepiece. The fireplace is gas, and enclosed in glass. The seating area in front is furnished in light brown leather.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 13


An outdoor living room surrounded by a balustrade. A large television is placed above the wooden mantle, above the glass-enclosed fireplace opening.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 14


Windows line either side of this smaller contemporary living room with a sectional sofa. The fireplace is slightly off-center, allowing the television to be placed on the built-in beside it. The entire enclosure is in stone, with the wood as an accent.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 15


An elegant living room with a light fireplace with a multi-tonal stone facade. The fireplace is screened in so that coals or sparks will not set the light blue carpet alight.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 16


A comfortable living room with a set of large furniture. The ottoman in particular, is enormous. Another, more narrow bench sits directly in front of the stone fireplace. This design features pillar candles arranged on the inside of the fireplace instead of an actual fire.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 17


A large living room with a tall light stone fireplace with beautiful stonework. To the right is a massive dark wood entertainment center that matches the exposed beam ceiling.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 18


A beautiful rustic living room with pine built-ins on either side of the imposing mortar and stone fireplace. The wooden mantle matches the rest of the wood in the room.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 19


This eclectic living room features a small stone fireplace, wicker chairs paired with a leather sofa, and a checkerboard patterned ottoman. Natural fiber shades can be drawn over the numerous windows.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 20


This cavernous living room is split into two different living room areas, each with a separate seating arrangement. The stone fireplace continues all the way up to the ceiling, tapering slightly. Two rows of windows let in ample natural light.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 21


A new construction home with a beautiful light stone wood burning fireplace and a large U-shaped sectional sofa that dominates the room.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 22


A pit living room with a large brick fireplace topped by a small wooden mantle and a gilded mirror. Doors on either side lead out onto the patio.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 23


An eclectic living room with a plush white rug and an enormous stone fireplace that extends from the wall. An antique gas pumps sits in one corner of the room, a cuckoo clock in another.

Stone Fireplace Ideas : 24


A rustic log cabin with a custom glass-topped display coffee table and an armchair decorated with sections of antler. The stone fireplace has an ornately carved mantle that matches the carved section between the windows.

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