20+ Gorgeous Wooden Dining Table Chair Designs to Charm the Dining Area

Whether you are decorating your new home or restyling your current rooms, you will find the furnishings you choose set the stage to your visionary intentions. When looking at your dining room, you will find the table to be both functional and a prominent piece of the rooms design. Busy days create the passing through effect leading to cluttered and less than decorative ideals. The most effective way to give your dining room a makeover is to give it a new center piece. You can use Wood Dining tables to Charm the dining Area for a new  appeal.  An updated dining room table will provide the room with an effective style that will become an integral part of your homes design. Family dining or hosted gatherings will be inspired with your new dining room space. From lighting and accents, you will find the completed look to be the perfected pairing to your special family recipes. Designers add buffets or hutches to create an ease  and a fashionable statement to your day.

You will find many table styles and designs. Wood finishes, structure, shape and height are all determined by the designers touch. There are many styles to choose from. The table you choose will largely depend on the theme of the room and the colors used throughout the dining room space. Designers have brought to us an array finishes that will beautifully set the room while you set the table.  Below you will find a gallery of one hundred examples that will bring you through a journey of styles. You will note the styles and designs of each table brings sheer personality to the dining room.

wooden dining table chair designs 1

Image Source: Crate and Barrel

This well polished mahogany table not only goes well with this classic room but as you can see, it’s made to handle a crowd without taking up too much space. Wide table legs and a classic design is brought to a modern era with clever use of deep slate gray seating that is an elegant touch to the dining space.

wooden dining table chair designs 2

Image Source: Greentea Design

Dark wood dining set with a square table on a pedestal base. A pedestal style dining room table is modernized with a square table top. The deep wood finish is an elegant touch and a stylish addition to your dining room décor.

wooden dining table chair designs 3

Image Source: Style Spa Furniture

The legs of this table is pretty with curvy design that fits for a contemporary dining area. An inspired blend of vintage and contemporary is displayed in this style. The table has a rich finish and an intricate curved structure. The chairs have a modern look and collaborates together with the theme of the room.

wooden dining table chair designs 4

Image Source: Romanza Interior Design

A wooden table is transformed with a classic finish and modern contemporary chairs. The table setting holds a nostalgic charm that resonates beautifully through the rooms design.

wooden dining table chair designs 5

Image Source: Triad

Beautiful and sleek in a glossy black finish will accentuate a modern design. This table has ample seating and plenty of style.

wooden dining table chair designs 6

Image Source: Wynwood

In this particular style, you will find the detail in this table to be refined and elegant. The traditionally designed table is befitting any home that denotes a classic appeal.

wooden dining table chair designs 7

Image Source: Thos Moser

This modern table adds a sense of finesse and style to the room. With a geometrical design, the dining room table set is both intriguing and holds a designer feel.

wooden dining table chair designs 8

Image Source: Crate and Barrel

A natural wood is styled in a simple rustic design. The benches offer an eye appealing look and an old world charm addition to a modern era.

wooden dining table chair designs 9

Image Source: Home Elegance

A stately dining room table design holds a double pedestal base that is traditional and inviting. The soft chairs replicate a vintage style creating a delightful balance.

wooden dining table chair designs 10

Image: Big Sur l

 This dining room table has a naturalistic style with a modern flair. The chairs are a collaborated effort of industrial and rustic styles.

wooden dining table chair designs 11

Image: Oslo

An executive dining table is well stated and refined. The black chairs complement the wood finish and offer a sophisticated style.

wooden dining table chair designs 12

Image Source: Mobitec Systems

Block dining room table legs are supportive of a traditional style table. The white chairs are trimmed in a matching finish lending a continuous style that blends melodically.

wooden dining table chair designs 13

Image Source: Homelen

A traditional dining room table has a high gloss to bring out the finish. The chairs are paired directly with both the style and the finish for a classic look. But it has some decorative carvings too.

wooden dining table chair designs 14

Image Source: Rejig Design

A white traditional table has an elemental quality in an infused wicker chair setting. The simple yet luxe dining room design is a cherished addition to any home.

wooden dining table chair designs 15

Image Source: Tommy Bahama Home

. A classic style table is chic when paired with bamboo and wicker chairs. This dining room set is both comfortable and inviting.

wooden dining table chair designs 16

Image Source: Bassett

This style holds a Victorian and vintage appeal. The chic table design is set with matching dinette chairs, the design is accommodating and complementary of the theme of the room.

wooden dining table chair designs 17

Image Source: Dakota

This retro style has an elegant side with soft draped chairs and a vintage era table. The dining room is dressed for guests or a cozy dinner for two.

wooden dining table chair designs 18

Image Source: Candace Cavanaugh

Tradition and glamour collaborate in a gloss black finished and a finely printed pattern on the seats. This style has a charismatic appeal and an enriched tone.

wooden dining table chair designs 19

Image Source: Increation

A modern retro style has a simply stated table in a dark finish. The set is complete with stark white chairs that are a genuine addition to this eat in kitchen.

wooden dining table chair designs 20

Image Source: Uul Design

These office style chairs have a chrome base and is stylishly paired with a chic wooden table. The set is the perfect addition for your dining design and style.

wooden dining table chair designs 21

Image Source: The Luxhome

An elongated table combines a wooden finish with sleek seating that has a modern edge. The matching buffet assimilates a retro style.

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